Murfdogg “Psycho” Short Course Truck Revealed

Many of you may know of MurfDogg Racing because of our ROAR National Championship winning brushless motors, or our race proven Hi-Voltage Li-Po battery packs. Others may know us for our no compromise Dirt Oval chassis that are built from only the very best components. Racers know that the MurfDogg name is synonymous for the highest quality products available, made by serious racers, for serious racers.

After seeing a change to the types of Off-Road tracks being raced across America, MurfDogg Racing  is proud to announce our first foray into the 1/10TH Scale Off-Road market. After nearly a year of development, we present to you the MurfDogg PSYCHO SCT 2WD Short Course racing chassis.

The PSYCHO SCT is designed for the newer style high-bite indoor clay and outdoor sugar water style tracks. The PSYCHO SCT’s design concept is based on a mid-motor, 4-gear transmission design. This allows the chassis to have much greater cornering rotation, and allows the truck to jump flatter with the bulk of the weight in front of the rear axles. Like all MurfDogg chassis, the PSYCHO SCT is built with an abundance of carbon fiber, aerospace grade aluminum, and ceramic bearings throughout.

Basic Components of the PSYCHO SCT chassis:
– Rigid components precision machined out of the finest quality 3mm and 3.5mm quasi-isometric Carbon Fiber Sheets including: Chassis Plate, Chassis Stiffeners, Front Shock Tower, Rear Shock Tower, Battery Locators, Battery Hold Down Strap, Transmission Brace/Camber Plate, Rear Body Mount Brace.
– Titanium Turnbuckles with hex driven Ball Studs throughout.
– Black Anodized Aircraft Alloy Aluminum Rear Suspension Mounts with Adjustable Rear Toe (capable of toe in adjustment between 0 and 6 degrees).
– Aluminum Battery Hold Down Thumbscrews.
– MurfDogg’s proprietary Trans4mer 4-Gear Transmission with Machined Delrin Case, Hardened Steel Ball Differential with Silicon Nitride Diff and Thrust Balls, VTS 3 Pad Slipper Assembly, 3.5mm Carbon Fiber Motor Plate, and Molded Gear Cover.
– Authentic MIP CVD’s
– Team Associated Factory Team Big Bore Shocks with Aluminum Shock Caps and TI-Nitride Shock Shafts
– Full Ceramic Ball Bearings
– Gull Wing Front Suspension
– Aluminum Hex Adapters Front and Rear
– ProLine Racing F-11 Black +3mm Borrego Wheels
– ProLine Racing EVO Hi-Flow Racing Body

Available Soon – Part # MD-6081 – Street Price – $579.99
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Outstanding Week for MurfDogg at Chili Bowl Jr.

MurfDogg Racing had an outstanding week at the 2014 Chili Bowl Jr. The Mustang Arena at the Tulsa Expo Center was again the site of the CBJ, and this years event was the largest ever, with competitors coming from all over the country to battle in the biggest and most prestigious rubber tire race of the year. This was the first time in many years that we have seen 100 entries in the premier class at ANY dirt oval event, and with 100 racers competing for the win in Modified Sprint, the cream would definitely be rising to the top!

The week started strong for MurfDogg Drivers in practice, with Allan Webster, Corey Johnson, Chad Butler, Michael Brown, Matt and Mike Perrier, Chris Theodore and several others looking lightning fast in the looser dirt conditions. Question would be, how would the track change, and would we be able to keep up with the changing conditions?

Round one of qualifying started out strong, but computer issues wiped out what would have been 5 TQ’s in the various classes after the entire first round was scrapped. A lot of hard work was wiped away, but we kept digging and held our heads high knowing we had very strong cars.

After round one, MurfDogg’s Allan Webster was TQ in Mod Sprint after posting the only 48 lap run. Allan also grabbed TQ in Mod Late Model going 48 laps, putting 3 laps over the second qualifier who turned 45 laps. Matt and Mike Perrier qualified 2nd and 3rd respectively in Midwest Mod, both running within a lap of TQ and perpetual fast guy Nathan Dean. Matt Murphy Tq’ed SC Modified posting the only 41 lap run. Chad Butler was 2nd quick in Nitro Sprint.

Round 2 saw extremely high bite track conditions as the track was allowed to groove up like we have never seen before. Many racers were making slicks out of perfectly good tires and then letting the chemical warfare begin as tire additives were used heavily.

Webster did not have the same luck in round #2 where he had several traction rolls which took him out of contention for TQ honors. In Mod Late Model, Webster again TQ’ed, turning the only 50 lap run of qualifying. Matt Perrier TQ’ed Midwest Mod, just missing a 48 lap run. Murphy was able to TQ SC Modified again, putting down a 44 lap run.

Scott Dickason took overall TQ and finished second in the Vintage Late Model A-Main with his MurfDogg Rocket Launcher chassis.

Chad Butler took overall TQ and won the Nitro Sprint A-Main with his MurfDogg Nitro Alien chassis.

Matt Perrier took overall TQ and finished third in the Midwest Modified A-Main, while Chris Theodore ended up fourth. Both racers were driving MurfDogg Mutant-Mod chassis.

Allan Webster took overall TQ and finished second in the Modified Late Model A-Main, with Jeff Schreiner and Corey Johnson finishing 8th and 9th respectively. All 3 racers were driving MurfDogg Mutant Chassis.

Allan Webster used his second overall qualifying position in Modified Sprint A-Main to help him grab the lead and never look back as he bested the 100 car field. Chad Butler ran 4th and Michael Brown was 8th finisher. All drivers were driving MurfDogg Alien chassis.

Matt Murphy took overall TQ and started in P1 for the SC Modified A-Main. Murphy stretched out to a half lap lead and was in cruise control until electrical issues forced an early retirement and a 10th place finish. Matt was driving the soon to be released MurfDogg SC Modified chassis.

**Key Notes**
– 100 Mod Sprints. 51 Mod Late Models, 50 SC Modifieds – Definitely a premier event
– The MurfDogg Pits at the CBJ grew about 300% from 2013 to 2014
– MurfDogg Chassis TQ’ed 5 classes at the 2014 CBJ
– CBJ14 had some hiccups, but was definitely a race worth attending
– Allan Webster has won Modified Sprint in back to back years at the CBJ (2013 and 2014)

You can get all of the top quality racing products that these racers used at the Chili Bowl Jr:

– MurfDogg Chassis with the “Trans4mer” 4-Gear Transmission
– MD SuperCharger Batteries & Turbo Plugs
– MD Octane Boosters
– MD Ceramic Bearings and Silicon Nitride Diff and Thrust Balls
– Hobbywing Speed Controls
– MurfDogg’s Chassis Tuning 101




MurfDogg Attending the 2014 February Freeze

MurfDogg Racing will be attending the 2014 February Freeze at Bumps and Jumps RC Speedway in Etters, PA. This event is one of the premier RC Dirt Oval races each year and we are excited to compete against the best in the country.

There will be a few variations of prototype MurfDogg Sprint Cars being raced in the prestigious Modified Sprint Car division by our Factory Team Drivers; Jason Seaton, Jeff Belton, Chris Intelisano, and Matt Murphy. If you have a chance to attend this race, feel free to stop by, say hello, and come check out our new stuff! Chris Intelisano has won the last two weekends at this track, and looks poised to get his breakthrough first National Race win!

Stay tuned for updates on the MurfDogg Team, practice starts Thursday, February 13th, with Qualifying on Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th, followed by Main Events on Sunday the 16th.


New 2014 High Bite Front A-Arms

New for 2014 is our optimized front A-Arms for MurfDogg High Bite Chassis. Like all of our arms, these are precision machined out of Delrin to our exact specifications. These arms have several new features as well as the capability to be a direct replacement on ANY MurfDogg High Bite Chassis.

– Standard Stand-Up Shock Mount Option (Same as previous MurfDogg High-Bite Arms)
– Optional Outer Stand-Up Shock Mount Option (Geometry we are developing with our team)
– Threaded Droop Screw Hole (Uses 5-40 x 1/2″ Set Screw, works with later model chassis plates)
– Laydown Shock Mount Location (Same as previous High-Bite MurfDogg Arms)
– Optimized Sway Bar Link Mount Point (More Details Coming Soon)
– Revised Steering Geometry – Improved Ackerman for More Steering
– New Lighter Design – Saves Weight While Reducing Un-Sprung Weight

Available Now!!!
Part # SM-1F-14 – 2014 High Bite Front A-Arm (1 Piece) – $13.00
Part # SM-2F-14 – 2014 High Bite Front A-Arm (1 Pair) – $25.00


Short Course Dirt Modified Chassis

Perhaps the biggest hubbub surrounding MurfDogg Racing as of late has been our Short Course based Dirt Modified Chassis that we debuted at the Chili Bowl Jr. The chassis performed very well, taking the Top Qualifying honors in the 50 car field, but DNF’ed the A-Main event due to electrical gremlins.

After this event, we took the data compiled at the race and made a list of refinements we wanted to do before production. We fired up the CAD software, made a few tweaks, and sent the drawings off to our machinists. Once we get the production prototype components back, we will do a fit check and a final test before giving the thumbs up for production.

Special thanks to AFX Fabrication for building us the best damn Modified body for this special project! Here are some sneak peeks of one of the Prototypes!